So.. I've got a JCM2000 DSL half stack, and all has been well until recently when my band has moved to a style that needs a more smooth gain rather than a gritty dirty one. I'm not really finding that I'm getting it from my Marshall anymore so I'm thinking of selling it or trading it for a higher gain tube combo...

Anyone any idea what sort of price range I'd be looking at if I was to sell it? Or the sort of amps that I would get for it that would be suitable?

Thanks in advance!
6505 maybe? You should just go and try out some amps and find the one YOU like the most.

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Your Marshall has a ton of gain on board, it just may not be the type of gain you are into. What type of sound are you looking for?
Just buy an EQ pedal, it'll be a much cheaper way to sort out the problem.
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6505 maybe? You should just go and try out some amps and find the one YOU like the most.

Yaa probably a 6505. But your amp has alot of gain already, what do you play?
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JCM 2000s are not too bad for nu-metal, but a Peavey 6505/5150, Peavey triple xxx, or a boogie recto would be a better option for what you are doing. An Eq pedal might help, but you would in general have actually like the amps tone. EQing can only do so much, your not going to be able to make your dsl sound like a 5150 with an EQ pedal.
I have a JCM2000 TSL60... I find that the gain is gritty.. however if I use my tube screamer with the gain channel, I can really smooth it out. Plug an OD pedal in front of your amp and put the gain down but the "level" all the way up... effectively you're using the pedal as a boost. Once you do that, put the amp on your lead channel and put the gain to about 2/3 of the way and you'll be set. Might want to get a noise gate if you're doing that.

Use your boss EQ pedal as a boost if you don't have an OD.. just put the master volume up.
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Easy solutions to your problem: use an OD, use an EQ, raise the pickups in your guitar, or a combination of the three.

Less easy solution to your problem: buy a new amp.
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joelieo i have the same problem but... im buying my first tube amp..
Im looking at the jcm2000 DSL100 and the 5150.. but i like to play clean sometimes but like to play metal aswell so i dont know what to do!

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