for my B-52 AT-212

i was just wondering if anyone owns the fs-6 and crate, do they come with the cable? cuz the cliff's cable does not look very durable it looks thin and cheap. at the same time the boss looks highly reliable, but more expensive. and the crate looks shady,,

Buy the cheapest one. $60 for an A/B pedal is idiotic. There's really only one thing to break on a footswitch, and that's the switch. They tend to last a long time, even the cheap ones, and you can replace them cheaply if they do go.
There is a dude on ebay that sells those for pretty cheap. Check that out. Might save you some cash.
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get eh cheapest, even if it breaks in a year, you can buy a brand new one and still be under the cost of that boss
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ha.. cant buy from ebay

Oh well, just get a cheap one then. Its not like its something that affects your tone. No use in blowing money on something that will probably break as fast as a cheaper version.

EDIT: As for cables... just get more monster ones if you like those. I use Dimarzio cables.. they are pretty good. They probably cost about the same as monster though. I have heard the planet wave cables are good too.
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.