Ok, ive got a zakk wylde epiphone, and i decide to start sanding on the neck becaue its just too thick to be comfortable and play the type of stuff i want to play. now, it seems like there is some type of finish on here because wood dust doesnt make you light headed. . . now, the scary part is, what exactly is on this son-bitch so when i finally get the shape right. . . what should i use to coat this mofo?

(please, serious replies only)
DOn't most people just put like.. Tung Oil on it?

And its probably just some ****ty laquer or something. Get some paper masks.
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umm, ok. i know about tung oil i just wanted to find something thatll match the finish on the parts im not sanding, like the top by the headstock and the bottom by the body. and im alltrying to stay away from messing up the binding and what not. im mainly just trying to flatten it a little bit. . . more of a thin D i guess
I don't know how much those oils stain the wood. Perhaps you can find a suitable stain and then oil it?
None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.
apart from the lacquer coating it was plain wood. so all you'll have to do is just recoat it or oil it to protect it.
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ok, i guess i should just like, keep going, then tung oil it when im satisfied. im using 80 sandpaper and not really getting anywhere. . .
use 60 grit. then 100 grit, 150, 220, 320, 400.

you can stop there, i sand my barewood up to 2400 on my necks, then naphta to get the sand paper crud off, then tung oil.

dont forget to raise the grain at 220, 320, and 400. then do 400 again after you raised the grain once.