Hey guys, im look for a cheap way to record my bass through my computer. before or after the amp doesnt matter to me. im pretty sure i need some kind of converter, but i dont know what kind. so im looking to plug a instrument cable from my bass to some converter then my pc. and then i need recording software. so please help me if you can.

If your amp has a record or headphone output, use that to the line in.
if you only have a speaker out you must mic your amp with a mic and the best way to run the mic would be to buy a small mixer ...tapco mixers are fair... and run the output of the mixer to the line in on your sound card.
well, an audio cable will be essential, they're probably £20 ish.
then, an audio interface with which to edit/record/import audio and make music, I have cubase sx 3 at my disposal, but i don't know any particularly cheap ones so sorry in that regard.
Also, you will need a pre-amp or some description, or everything will sound rubbish, almost banjo like (this i know from experience)

edit: dude, cheers for the link to that thread, it'll help me i imagine. *gives thumbs up*
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i came across this a few weeks ago:

It's a usb recording device in which you plug your guitar and headphones into and then goes into the usb slot in your pc. The only problem is that im not sure whether it supports basses, i should imagine it would though. Theres some other stuff included aswell like recording software, but i suppose it depends what you mean by cheap. This goes for about £40.
That Behringer isn't great but it's a USB interface.
Probably works just the same as running to the line in on your stock card....I would not get it.

Save up for an m-audio fast track of some kind
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i just got off the phone with behringer tech support. the guy said they never tried it on bass and there was no documentation of it not working on bass. so basic the only down side would be that its modeling guitar amps. but thats fine cause i dont plan on using their software anyways. but it should be fine as a converter. Thanks Metal Defender!
You should look into their DI box, the BDI21...it can produce some good sounds. Plug that with a XLR-Mini (1/8) cable to the line-in.