little people...
not so little anymore, eh?
they've come to change;
to change the way
they feel about things.
their boldness strikes me down,
in roaring laughter,
constantly. apparently,
though, i'm told it's
above and beyond me.

oh my,
they've come for their
suppressants; incandescent
for that theraputic
lesson! i wander my
aggression to induce any
compassion, shushing my
thoughts back upon
the pedestal; "nooo , of course not!
why would i think i'm
any better than you?"

"little" people...
quite belittled by the norm;
i cry out for
some kind of irony! ..."not. "
just think like me,
a "person" like you. and if they
try to say differently, well,
- it's not up to you. -
"dammit, my show's not on...i'm so friggin' pissed!
i'm gonna call the network and complain...
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Speaking of going above and beyond, this went over my head. Hmm. I did like the flow built in the piece, and the first stanza especially. But as a whole, I don't think I get it. And I do know that it does not have to be, but I looked to the title for enlightenment and it left me more bewildered. It's not that I didn't like it, just I don't know what it was about, midgets maybe? Definitely avoided the cliche, so you don't have to worry about that.

Sorry I couldn't help, but thank you for checking out my piece. And I'm going to check back on this to see if I can see the light sometime in the future.
basically it's from the perspective of a typical narcissist talking about everyone else in their lives, and the problems they're facing...without realizing their own.

maybe "little" was too strong of an adjective.