I have a little Behringer V-Tone GM108 right now. It's a solid state 15 watt 8" speaker amp with some built in modeling effects. I'm starting to play some with our church band and the other guitar players there have a Fender Blues Jr and big tweed acoustic tube amps. At band practice we play through our amps, and in front of everyone the amps are miced. The little Behringer is suprisingly loud, and loud enough to play through for band practice. It sounds OK by itself, but I play through a multi effects pedal and have worked with it a lot at home to develop 8 different patches in the pedal that sound much better than the amp modeling alone. I play mostly clean tones and mild distortion, and really don't have any problems with the little Behringer except it's lacking in bass and sounds a little thinner than the larger tube amps. But sound is subjective and I'm fairly happy with the tone as long as it's played through the pedal.

This amp does not have a pedal input, but I use the multi effects pedal to switch tones. It doesn't have an effects loop either but sounds surprisingly good with the multi effects pedal just plugged into the input. It seems to be enough for band practice, and when playing in front of everyone I can mic it. Also there is the option to plug the effects pedal straight into the PA. I realize this amp is underpowered for this sort of thing, and that lots of people don't like SS amps. But if it's loud enough and sounds decent enough do I care? My brother and friends are saying I need to get a more powerful tube amp, but it seems like I would be paying lots of money for a little more tone and bass and maybe some features (effects loop/pedal input) that wouldn't get used.
GET A NEW AMP! i have that beringher it was my first amp it sounds like ****. dont get an amp for its effects get it for the tone....check out a blues junior like your friends its pretty cheap.
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Quote by hunter33
This amp does not have a pedal input

[scratches head]What??????[/scratches head]
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TBH, if you don't feel you need one.... no, not yet, althou obviously, u'll need to get a bigger one if your serious about gigging, and as you said, tubes sound much better