So my band just dropped from a 4 to a 3 piece, with me going to bass. I was previously lead guitar, and my guitarist/singer has the relative soloing capability of Kurt Cobain. So I'm gonna try and pull some lead with bass, and I wanted to get some feedback on the best way to boost my signal so you can hear it. Obviously I could just buy an overdrive pedal, but any other suggestions, or specific pedals or whatever would be appreciated
You could try an overdrive/ distortion, or you could try one of those pedals that boost your signal. (I can't remember the proper name for them).
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Well, for one, in a three piece you'll have a lot of space to fill and will more than likely be at a pretty decent volume anyway. With that, I would recmmend an EQ pedal. It won't necessarily boost your volume but it will give you a tone more conducive to soloing and cutting through.