Hi, well i have band but when we play i dont like the sound at all. i know that it has something to do with the amps but i lack knowledge to know it.
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this is our equipment for practicing only
what settings you recommend? thx in advance
in one of the books i read it contained lots of settings which go well together
I think it was a Dummy book

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Depends really on what kind of tone you are trying to achieve. If you want a metal sound it is going to be a different set of settings compared to if you want to be Nile Rodgers. The main problem most guitarists I come into contact with is that they think their bedroom settings will sound the same turned up loud with a band. They won't.

Speakers behave differently when you turn the volume up. Bass can be too boomy so you back the bass off and bring up the middle which increases the bottom end in the right frequencies for the guitar. Treble can be too sharp when it is turned up loud.

All this needs dealing with when playing with a band as you need to work out where the snare and the hi hats are sitting sonically along with the parts you are playing, keyboards, take up loads of frequencies, so that needs to be addressed.

My advice would be experiment and listen to see where you think it sounds good. Often getting someone else to play your guitar so you can hear it is a a good idea.