ok, heres the story...my crybaby was in a flood, but survived and sounded fine, but about 3 months later it quit...when it was on, no sound whatsoever, but when it was off my signal went through it. I took off the back cover, and as was expected, everything was totally corroded, and I accidentally broke one of those diodes I think they are called, the little bean-shaped things on the circuit board. anyways, everything is rusty even though I tried cleaning it or corroded in other ways, including the thing the battery plugs into...can this be fixed or should I just get a new one?
well what kind of crybaby is it?
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it costed I think 70 bucks for the pedal, and its an dunlop original crybaby...the problem is the town I live in doesnt have a music store so id have to order it, which is a pain for shipping costs, the wait, all that stuff
those are the original cheap wahs...you could fix it...replace the switch and POT with a new one...probably have to replace the board if its rusted...but by that time you are looking to spend around $40...probably more.

either get a new one or see if you can get a switch for cheap. Chances are the switch contacts got rusty or something from the water, they are not sealed too well.
Antique electronics supply sells the board for crybabies dont know how the cost compares to a new pedal.