Hello all!

Today while recording myself and playing back on my computer I noticed how when I strum the guitar, the noise of the pick hitting all the strings is very apparent. Its really annoying me. I was thinking maybe Im sitting to close to my pc mic but im about 5ft away and it doesnt pick up things its not immediately infront of so it cant be that. Maybe its my amp? I have bass all the way up, and reverb about a sixth way. Treble is all the way up as well. Could it be my pick? I have a the really flexible kind and the real firm kind and then the one inbetween. Maybe its my strings? Gosh idk. But I hate how the pick hitting the strings is making the recording sound somewhat choppy at times.

Anyone help?
Try using a lighter more flexible pick and turning down your low mid and bass , that shud help a bit.
i'd tap that .........speaking to a bass, its a music joke!

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