Hi, I'm frankensteining (i.e. old parts shoved together) an Epiphone Les Paul because for the price it's got the best woods (£190.00 for a Les paul is a nice price)!. Now my initial thought was to stick a set of DiMarzio SuperDistortions in but then I realised I'm playing through a Peavey Valveking 112 which i'm thinking probably doesn't have enough gain to really get the most out of them... so basically do I stick with the idea of the SuperDistortions or do I go overboard and get a set of Bareknuckle Miracle Man's?

My style is pretty varied but i've got different guitars for different needs, this would be my ass kicker of a guitar.

In my opinion Bareknuckles are the superior pickups but again rely on a high gain amp....

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Boost pedal? That way you can get the sound you want and still drive the amp.
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