Crit please, thanks.
I see you there,
Your thick red hair,
I see your stare,
Those brown eyes glare,
The feeling is there.

And I know,
You'll fill that hole,
Deep in me,
And I know,
If only you knew,
That feeling in me,
That burns so brightly,
If only you could see,
You'd come right to me,
Cuz' I'd give my life,
Just to set you free.

And here you are now,
Here beside me,
And we can see,
What we've dreamt to be,
Oh now you see,
That feeling in me,
That burns so brightly.

And I knew,
You filled that hole,
You made me whole,
And now I see,
How its meant to be.

And while your here,
I have no fear,
While your with me,
I feel so free,
Cuz' its meant to be.
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