So I have an Epiphone Les Paul standard and I just got this problem bout 20 min ago... If I'm playing with distortion and my bridge pickup won't give me the right distorted sound. It's kind of crunchy and the gain is somehow missing. If I switch to the neck pickup it sounds perfect... It's hard to explain, cause I don't know that much about this stuff, but I'd say either somethings wrong with my pickup or the wiring is ****ed up... sometimes It's sounds normal for about a minute and then it goes back.


Edit: So if I switch to clean, you can't even hear my guitar if I'm using the bridge pick up...
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different pickups have different sounds, thats one reaosn why you have two

and are you sure all the knobs are all the way up
my guess is that the pickup is fried. If i were you i would take it into the nearest guitar shop. They will be able to help you no problem.
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The neck pickup works ok? If not it might just be the guitar lead....or you accidently turned down the volume pot for the bridge pickup? Maybe the lead socket is loose? It's uncommon for a pickup to blow..especially passive ones....

Well i guess unless the wiring is shoddy...
This is a lie...no reason why...right from the outset
it's probably something wrong with the wiring, especially if it works fine for a minute and then comes back...Idk...+1 to H-D...take it to a shop
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different pickups have different sounds, thats one reaosn why you have two

and are you sure all the knobs are all the way up

I'm not that stupid

All the nobs are up. I guess I'll bring it to the guitar shop tomorrow and hope for the best...
Would this be expensive? I mean would I have to get new pick ups or...??
soo I suddenly it work again and I managed to play Mr. Brownstone and Rocket Queen with the bridge pickup only ****ing up once. after the rock queen solo, when I was switching back to bridge pick up, the gain was gone for about a second and then slowly returned to full gain... don't know if that helps.
Most likely a solder point in the electrics has came loose, or is shorting against another pup. Look into the back cavity and give it a push about, and see what happens.

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I've had a problem similar to this before.

For me, when you switch to both humbuckers, and you switch back to bridge, sometimes it doesn't have it's full gain (like yours), and I always thought it was some bad wiring.

For me, it was the toggle switch. I needed to replace it because it was slowly not working it's fullest.

It might be the toggle switch for you, or bad wiring perhaps.