Right now I could possibly get a 2003 Gibson Standard with Emg 81/85 pickups for about $1000-$1100. It's in good condition (no cracks or broken electronics), just has some use on it with a couple pick scrathes and normal wear. The thing is i have about $750 and I might be able to get my parents to help me buy it if i press them very hard (but they want me first to pay off some of my college debt (as i am a freshman right now)), but the question is it worth it?? (btw i'll be getting about $400 in the next month) So let me know what you would do or what i should do. Also as of now i have a crappy jackson stater and a 30DFX MG Marshall, but I plan on getting a Orange Tiny Terror and maybe this guitar or something similar in the future.

Edit: It's a Gibson 2003 Les Paul Standard
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I say.. get an amp.
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The guitar is excellent, but it will sound like crap anyway because of the amp. It will pay off though if you are willing to wait for a good amp to cross your way. But if you want good sound now, than it won't help you.
for one is it a LP or SG? cuz standard could be an assortment of Gibsons. Assuming your talkin about a Les Paul, cuz very few ppl nowadays buy SGs over LPs, I say save ur money and get a good amp. Maybe its me but I prefer my guitars new cuz then I know that I've been the only owner of it and can truely call it mine and say it was made for me.
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yeah, you need an amp, I say get a tits amp and some EMG's for the jackson!
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