More of a poem, or a script of speech spoken from a lost lover. its a very rough version, i hope theres at least a touch of quality in this.

The morning light appears, with the hill tops in sight
i see the landscapes eyes open, through the mist of my heaven
the clouds floor below, moving slow, with my forever widow
and after the nights glow, my tears begin to grow and grow

Its like a storm in the night
the lovers eyes lost without light
in the dark i hear a voice, a loving sound
the darkness behind my eyes is where i'll be found
but if im in the clouds, bring me to ground

Im in the clouds, sleep and see that im still here
Worship your loss and im your head
prey and ill be there with you, warm in our bed
but if i stay up here, its something you said

and if i stay away
look up and i'll be a bird of prey
Flying amongst my clouds
Dreaming far, far away

i hope its not a wet dish clothe
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