Hello all,

Basically, although I'm fairly happy with my sound, its somewhat lacking and needs something to give it some more balls and clarity.

I have 2 x Fender USA stratocasters customised with dual humbucker configurations, DiMarzio PAF Pro's in the neck and DiMarzio Super Distortions in the bridge.

My amp is a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401 with a Celestion G12T-75.

I am running a single pedal, a Boss DD-3 delay used for solos.

I basically want more clarity in my sound with a smoother, tighter more defined bottom end, and fatter highs.

Someone recommended I get myself a BBE Sonic Maximiser as apparantly it does wonders.

Is there any piece of equipment I can get to help me?

play cleaner, use the right pickups for the right moment, Experiment with the guitars volume level which will clean up or dirty the sound. Pick closer to the neck, which sounds thicker. All these things affect tone.