this is a ballad i wrote a little while ago. it's pretty rhcp influenced. I really like the vibe of this song for some reason. Unfortunately, this recording isn't quite perfect. I'm sure you'll notice some open strings ringing in the rhythm part during the outro solo. I would have gone back and fixed all that, but my dad's birthday is coming up really soon and im making a cd with some new recordings on it for him and i don't have time to fix it. I also realize that the drum part isn't much (i was actually going to change it, but beatcraft locked me out), but it's something, lol.

so yeah. c4c. songs on profile

edit: wow i just listened to it on my profile and it sounds like there's a ton of backround noise. I'm not sure why. It wasn't like that in reaper, which is where I recorded it. hopefully I can fix it
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I agree with you, this does have a nice vibe to it. And it definitely sounds like RHCP, Under the Bridge comes to mind. But it doesn't sound like a rip off or anything, it just has a similar feel to it.

My only complaint was that it got a bit repetitive until the solo. The solo was actually pretty cool and I like your tone there. But ya, it was still sort of repetitive until then. You should really add some vocals, that would add life to it. Also, it would be cool if you added bass near the end and brought the drums out some.

It was still a good song though, not bad at all. Great atmosphere to it. Nice job!

Crit mine?


I would so do vocals if I could haha. yeah, i'd like to add bass. I'm hoping i can learn over the summer.

I'll probably re do this in a couple weeks..

thanks for the comment. i'll check your song out