For just messing around, that wasn't too bad.
My ears aren't bleeding or anything of that sort.
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I love metal but death metal's just a bit too much for me. The most I can get into is serious-illness metal.

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It's hard, annoying, and makes you want to punch a baby.

...With regards to guitar building, so get your mind out of the gutter you!
guitar tone is cool, but the vocals need work. other than that it sounds pretty cool!

SUPADUPAEDIT:what kind of amp/pedals do you use?
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Your brother has some nice tone. For messing around it aint half bad.

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My brother is using his Line6 Spider valve head which went straight into the mixing console. I think he used a custom preset and no extra pedals (except for the line6 footswitch to switch presets).

The bass tone is the standard bass preset in the toneport gx.