check the back of the computer, theres colored holes with symbols for mic, speakers, etc..
the hole for the microphone is usually pink
Sometimes the holes are colored...pink = mic, light blue = line in

If you dont have colors theres always a marking

It's hard to see but the arrow on the line in points in, the line outs have the arrow pointing out

usually the input will be on the back of the unit case
Actual computer. It usually is close to where you plug in your monitor and keyboard.
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what if my cable wont fit in the input

Understandable. You need to adapt the 1/4" guitar cable to an 1/8" miniplug.

Routing your guitar to your mic input will give you horrible results though. The mic input treats the signal as a computer microphone signal, which is much different than a guitar signal. The sound will be hissy, distorted and will clip easily.

If you are really cheap and must not spend any money, at least use the computer's line input, it will sound slightly better.
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Line In input? What colour is that then? Light blue or pink?

And I think I plugged it into the pink one, and the monitor died. I hear that that's because of the excessively high voltage, and my sound card's not good enough.
I'm not sure which input I plugged it into. Supposedly, too high voltage.

When I plugged it in, I could play. As in, I can hear the sound from the speakers. But the monitors died. Odd. Would love it if I could get some help on this.
Search google for 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. It'll look like this

And Muphin, I recorded my songs that way and its really not that bad, it could be alot better but its not terrible.

And the Line In is usually light blue.
the picture shows the one you need
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