I bought an Ibanez rg321 last summer as my first guitar and I've had some problems(?) with it. The problem is when i fret the low E string while playing it's buzzing. The first fret is the worst and the buzzing gets lesser and lesser towards the 24th fret. I can also hear a faint buzzing on the first fret A string. I've always had this problem, but in the beginning I didn't really care about it since it wasn't as bad from the start as it's now.

I started to really notice it yesterday when I changed strings for the first time. I bought a pack of "D'Addario XL Round Wound" 0.009"-0.042". I strung the guitar, tuned it, stretched the strings, retuned it and bam. When I started to play i noticed that the buzzing was even worse than with the old strings. I got a little sad and thought that it maybe would take some time for the strings to adjust. But now, a couple of playing hours later it's still the same buzz, and it's really annoying.

So I went to the local music store today to ask them what the problem could be. He played the guitar for like 20 seconds and then told me that a electric guitar can be like this unless it breaks the sound through the amp, which it doesn't for me. All he could do to take away the buzzing is to increase the action, which he recommended me not to do. I left the store happy and started to play some. And I realised the buzzing annoyed me so much that it wasn't fun to play. I did some research on the internet and there were nowhere to be found that it's normal for electric guitars to buzz. Obviosly, this made me really worried about what the guy at the store told me. Can I really trust him?

He also said that my neck was fine and in good shape. But when i look on the neck from the side, the string height is higher on the 24th fret than on the 1th fret. Is this normal? I also figured it could be the string size. As I said I bought gauge 9. Maybe the original was size 10, and therefor not buzzing as much (read somewhere that bigger strings don't buzz as easily as samll strings).

To make a long story short. Is it normal with fret buzz, as long as it doesn't mess the sound? Is there anything I could do about it except from increasing the action (which is too high already )?

Sorry for such a long post but maybe it shows the dedication about this matter. Since Im playing for fun, and I don't find it fun to always here a buzzing sound when Im playing on low volumes.

Would really appreciate some serious answers.

Thanks in advance!
its probably your truss rod, your neck might not be perfectly strait. i would take it to a guitar store and go to their guitar repair guy/luthier and ask them to set it up for you. that should fix it.
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Actually, the neck should be bend slightly in a U shape if the truss rod is set properly. And it's normal for the string to be closest to the neck at the first fret. I'm not an expert, but probably your best bet is take it to be set up
^^^ he beat me to it, but he is right.

it sounds like you need a trust rod adjustment. and while your at it a compleat set up to how you want to play.
Ok, that's what I thought too. But since he said it was normal I, who have played like 6 moths, couldn't tell him he was wrong. And when you say I should get a setup for my playing, how do I know that? I have played one single guitar for 6 months, how do I know how I want to play? I don't know what it feels like to play in another way than Im doing at the moment. Obviosly, I would like as low action as possible without the buzzing sound. Other thank that, I have no idea what setup on the guitar would fit me. Could you give some examples on what I should ask for when Im going to get it fixed, and what should I be prepared to know when he asks me how I would like it?

Thanks for the answers.