ok I know alot of songs use an alt tunning but I dont wanna mess with it.

I just want to stay in standard tunning how can i play alt songs? I there some type of conversion like....i dont know..... a G chord in alt tunning is a B in regular tunning?

what I have done is just go by ear but I would rather just go by the tabs people make but learn how to change them to standard tunning

Help please
1. Get guitar pro ($60)
2. Look in the instrument tuning section
3. Change the tuning to Standard E
4. When it asks you if you want to transpose it into standard tuning, say "yes"
5. ??????
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Tuning. Tuning. Tuning.

It is possible to play songs in alternate tuning with standard tuning - anything that's meant to be tuned a half semitone down would have to instead be played one fret down in standard tuning, so C becomes B and so on - but it's so much trouble to convert it, especially if you're talking about open chords like you mentioned in your post, that it's worth just changing the tuning.

Though having said that, I tend to just practice in standard tuning, if the alternate tuning is meant to be uniform across all strings. If practicing from an alternate-tuned Guitar Pro tab, it's possible to transpose it up automatically.

I was beaten to my thoughts on that
1 - learn the notes on the fretboard.
2 - learn how chords are constructed.
3 - win!
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