I am lost in this expanse.
When you are wrong, and its your fault,
who do you turn to? Who has your back when
you've stabbed all those around you?
Burnt every bridge, and I feel, my mask is starting
to crumble into pieces, and you point at each one
as it falls
"I called that one."

The beach is colder than I thought it would be.
It feels like your miles away, you know
I'm at the beach with the phosphorus in the sand,
tracing the letters of your name, crossing them out,
starting again. They glow in the moonlight.
The waves crash harder, I think
there is a hurricance coming in.

The house is much colder than it should be,
every trace of you is gone. Your things, your warmth,
the security of us being one. You took more than I thought you would
I guess I always assume wrong.

i think this should stop after stanza one. i dont even like this.

c4c i guess.