I tried to use my new Big Muff Pi but I have noticed there is quite a bit of noise coming from the amp. My loop is this:

Guitar > Wylde Wah > Big Muff > Vox ADVT.

I'm at 60% volume, 30% tone and 70% sustain (trying to play some comfortably numb).

When the guitar is in my hands (even with the strings covered) there is a significant amount of noise coming form the amp. So much that it ruins the tone. I'm not sure if it matters, but the wah is run off the power adaptor while the muff runs off a 9v battery.

It happens with both my Epi LP with Burstbuckers and my stock 70's reissue strat (even worse with the strat).

Any ideas?
Yerr, most dist pedals do that.
Its distorting and adding gain to the signal noise you get from your guitar. Making it more promenint. Hence why its worse with the strat, because singles arent really famed for there "cleanness".
You basically have to live with it or invest in some noise gates/reduction pedals.
Yeah I think a noise gate is going to be my ticket to fix the problem. I've tried switching the pedals around a bit but no luck.

Any recommended noise gates out there?
I've heard great things about the ISP Decimator, I checked out some reviews online and they're all great.

Just a pain in the ass though. The Big Muff gives me some of that Gilmour tone but a hell of alot of feedback with it! =(