when you get a riff in your head and you wanna right it down how do you do it with out a guitar near by. I can't tab it out in my head so how do I do that? how do you guys do it?
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Eventually you get to recognise intervals in music that you hear, but until then you could record yourself singing it or something.
learn music theory. if you hear the riff in your head figure out if it sounds like an A, B, C, D, whatever, flat, sharp, whatever, blah blah blah. Once you get the hang of the language of music you can pretty much see it in your head
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dude that happens to me all the time in school... i always think about a great riff and i really don't know what to do xD
I write it in standard notation. The problem is that I never know what key it's in (in my mind) so I just write it in C major/A minor.
Hmm... I just... DAMNIT! Yeah I get the same thing. I really wish I had perfect pitch, but meh. I just accept it as another awesome riff I'll never remember.