Im trying to find some good acoustic tunes to listen to, i listen to jack johnson but find him a little soft and vocal-oriented more than i like. I want something more focused on guitar than vocals. Id ask my friends but theyre all tards and dont play/know anything about guitar. Thanks
Dispatch is great
They're very vocal oriented but also have very cool guitar riffs if you haven't heard them you'll probably dig them

they have alot of really chill music then alot of upbeat and heavier stuff
softer stuff: two coins
bang bang
carry you

Harder: elias
the general
flying horses
questioned apocalypse
Layla Unplugged!

Some of Oasis is acoustic...
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dude pick up a Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live album....Live at Luther College or Live at Radio city..like seriously its perfect...its not quite as soft as Jack Johnson and while its vocaly oriented Tim Renyolds SHREDS the acoustic like you would not believe...go youtube some of their stuff and you'll see what i mean
Thanks guys ive heard of some of that stuff but never really checked any of it out. Gonna get around to listening to em for sure now.
try John Butler Trio i just found out about them and they kick ass
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My favorite tune on acoustic is Ben Folds' version of B*tches Ain't Sh*t. I played it at a school talent show several years ago and everyone (that wasn't a teacher) loved it.