New amp needed since im playing through a squier package.

I have about $600 to spend.

I was hopeing something around the 30 - 40W area.

Im into metal and all types of blues. (Dont worry about profile, hasnt been updated)
If i buy a good metal amp. Ill then buy some decent pedals for the bluesy and jazzy tones that are needed.

It can be Tube or SS.

Any suggestions ?

im thinking fender .....something

im not too hot on the model names

blues junior, blues deluxe, twin reverb, deluxe reverb.

out of that list, look up the ones which actually exist, and i didnt just make up
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
All those exist.

Get a Palomino V32 and a tube screamer and you should be fine
Thanks guys.

Anymore replys?

Right now im leaning towards to Palomino V32.
I'd say the Palomino V32 with maybe an OD for metal, but you might like it without one.
I didn't think the Palimino ever came to Australia.
You guys have to remember that the TS is Australian and pays doubled compared to you guys for the same products.
Not that good to be honest, almost no cleans whatsoever. The Palomino would be much better.
I know this is sort of obvious but I thought I'd mention it anyway:
Try a Vox Valvetronix. They don't cost much, so you can easily afford the 50w version if you want. The regular Valvetronix are excellent for clean and crunchy blues style stuff and very decent when it comes to metal, though the blues aspect is somewhat dominant here. I have played them and I can recommend them. The Valvetronix XL series is voiced to be more metal oriented though, but I did not try it out yet - I expect it to be only slightly different from the original Valvetronix.

Look here:

It is pretty hard to find an amp that does both styles well in that price range, you usually have to go blues or metal, combining both is tough. Did you try the epiphone valve amps? I never played them but people say they are good for blues.
Quote by BGSM
They do cost alot, actually. Atleast in Australia.

What doesn't gear wise?
Australia sucks so much sometimes lol
Anyway if you save a little more you could probably get a used Laney VC30 or LC30.
They would be great for blues and than you could get a dist/od pedal for metal.
The LC is more modernly voiced than the VC. So the VC would be better for blues but the LC would be a better all round amp for all styles. I've played both, loved both, almost bought the LC.

There on ebay all the time used.
Okay thanks for the help guys.. Any other suggestions ?

Valvtronix AD50VT looks good.

Suggestions of something better ?