Poll: would you keep your UG account?
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40 83%
2 4%
start a new one
3 6%
i'll just lurk
3 6%
Voters: 48.
Would you still keep your UG account? If I became famous, i might start a new account and see what people have to say about me/my band. I might even flame my own band to see what people say.
I would definately keep my account, just so I'd be know as a legacy the everyone on UG.
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Yes but I would try and hide who I was.
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Lovin' your avatar. That's all I know.

thanks. took me ages to find the perfect picture
nobody would belive you so it wouldnt matter
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Haha, owned!
U win fender.

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yeah i would, but i have a feeling that i would hardly ever get on and post.

i would like to think that if i was famous i would have better things to do than sit and talk about penises in the pit.
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I would, but nobody would believe me

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I'd probly create a new one with my band name or my name or something recognizable, but i'd still post with my current one.
The mods would have fun banning a famous person
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i kinda wish we all had a penis and vagina instead of buttholes

i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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The mods would have fun banning a famous person

Dont think that famous person would care very much tbh.
I'd keep it definitely.
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Nothing is stranger than being anonymous.
I'd keep this account, and make sure everyone knew I was that guy from Burning London. Oh how I love attention.
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I use the name Fassa Albrecht as a stage name so if I became famous then people would know....

thats a good idea