i guess you get wear and tear after 672 miles in 4 months on a bicycle but what happened today was just nuts. So yeah, i cycled to my mates house which is about 6 miles away and about half way there i felt a slight pop but nothing was obviously broken so i just kept pedelling, then i noticed just as i was changing gear that i had to turn the pedals at least 4 times for it to have any effect on my speed, this was really bad since it happened at some traffic lights. I managed to do another few miles with the cogs on the wheel slipping until right outside my friends house it went kaput, and now its at my friends house upside down. The pedals wont turn the wheel at all and when you turn the wheel you hear a slight grinding noise. i think its a problem with the way the rear sprockets are attached to the wheels but i have no idea how to fix it and i can't afford to take it to a shop. anybody know what i need to do?
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get a new bike? or chain? or sprocket?? or a car????

willing to buy me a new bike or car? (i'm 15)

the chain is fine
sounds like the rear sprockets have stripped the notches on the hub i had it happen once and i had to rebuild my wheel. just take apart the wheel itll probably be obvious.
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