Can someone please just give my neck design a look over?

Pleaseeee nobody suggest making a neck-through, because I'm going for a set neck with a sup deep tenon (the entire body length).

Thank you for any help!

Edit: It's for my upcoming Rhoads build here -> https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=820688

Edit2: I've just thought up a way to connect the cavities easily for wiring.. I'll lie the neck on its side, then route it! Yeah, someone probably had that idea already.
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That's pretty much neck-thru for all intents and purposes..
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Quote by Kanthras
That's pretty much neck-thru for all intents and purposes..

I know dude, but I'm getting a one piece body, because I don't have access to enough long clamps to glued the body and neck with. I also want freedom to work on the neck without the body attached. Same with the body; I don't want the neck glued on through all of the work.

I'm aiming for great fret access and sustain, without the mahogany of the neck fully colouring my tone.
Quote by LP Addict
why great sustain? you lose sustain with that much of a glue joint.

Surely you'd still get good sustain? ..because the nut, frets, and bridge are all mounted on the same piece of wood.
a glue joint affects the vibration of the wood.

to be honest, you probably wont even hear the difference between neckthrough, setneck, and bolt on, but lab-testing through various situations/amps/etc. proved that boltons had the most sustain.

wish i could cite that info, but i dont remember the testers name or anytyhing. someone told me about it on here, and i looked it up, and sure enough.