The signature guitar of Mick Thompson, Slipknot.

Tone, features and playability make the Ibanez MTM2 Electric Guitar as awe-inspiring (and dangerous looking) an instrument as the artist who designed it. This is a guitar made for heavy rock and metal, featuring Ibanez covered V7 & V8 pickups, a mahogany body for rich warm lows and sweet sustain, and 24 jumbo frets offering easy playing for leads and chording. Factory tuned to Mick's preference of C# tuning, with a dropped B: B, F#, B, E, G#, C# (low to high).

Ibanez MTM2 Electric Guitar Features:
Fixed Edge III double locking bridge
Ibanez covered V7 & V8 pickups
Mahogany body
Bolt on neck
24/Jumbo frets
I purchased this guitar 2 weeks ago. I have too many guitars. I just sold a Schecter 08 Hellraiser 7 - FR to a member on sevenstring.org
He'll vouch for me that it was as described. I'm a EBAY member since 03 (id: knuckleslammer) with 100% + feedback. Have sold numerous guitars on EBAY. I would rather not sell on ebay so I'm trying here first.

I paid $600 for this guitar. It is in AS NEW condtion. Picture of the back shows what appears to be scratches on the lower bout, but there are none, my camera is a piece of crap. There are no nicks, dings or scratches on this instrument. It is in AS NEW / MINT condition. I don't sell crap. I completely disassembled the instrument and cleaned everything and set it up as it was collecting dust from the prior owner who had it stored in back of his music store. It was in its box, but dust had gotten in the usual places and he was too lazy to clean it.

This guitar has been cleaned inside and out. Not a smudge, spot or whatever on it. It has a new set of Regular Slinkys. I'm selling this to fund the purchase of some pickups for my Xiphos 7 and some stuff I've neglected around the home due to spending all my money on guitars

One's got to go, this is it. My loss. Save yourself $$$$.

$430 + shipping. Paypal or cash in person. Guitar will be packed for war, encased in bubble wrap and put in a secure Ibanez guitar box. Prefer email rather than PM as I don't get PM notifications by email.


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i ouwld so get this if i had the moeny all ig ot is a jackson dk2m to trade
$420 + shipping. Going on Ebay tomorrow if no response
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someone jump on this. I bought mine for $490 shipped and its a hell of a guitar
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Well the way I figure it is like this. Only an idiot would think that anything about this guitar is actually Mick Thomson. Yeah, it has a truss rod cover that says seven. Big deal, easily replaced if need be. It's an Ibanez 6 string guitar with a truss rod cover that says seven.