ok so im just starting in the guitar world and i was wondering *ducks down and covers for when the rocks get thrown* what does floyd rose mean is it some kinda of shape or a paint job or a brand? i really have no clue so before you throw the rocks please telll me
A floyd rose is a tremolo system so you can change the tone on your guitar only some guitars come with that system which makes it a bit harder to change tuning frequently and change strings.

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A floyd rose makes your guitar go "weeuuuwwweeeuuuweuweuweuweeeeee!" instead of just "weeeeee!"
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o lol the way people were talking i thought it was a paintjob

*Picks up and juggles some rocks*

Fortunately, you have been misled, and for the most part, you are forgiven. Now, please, if you're looking for a guitar, for your sake, don't get a Floyd. More trouble than they're worth for a beginner.

*Allows rocks to fall on feet*

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yea i just got an Ibanez with an Edge III trem, and besides the fact i have barely any experience with floyd or floyd-style trems i didnt read all the furious users' post on how crappy it is...$400 down the drain... and it wasnt even my money