i use light strings, is it going to effect my playing in the future? speed wise
It wont really affect your speed. If you're used to playing on light strings and go to heavier gauge in the future it might a bit though.
not if you continue to use light strings...

if you switch to heavier ones, it will take a little while to get used to.
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Depends on how you want to play. Generally lighter strings are faster as they're easier to press down on and easier to bend. You can play fast with heavier strings too though.
Higher guage strings can also provide better (I know, it's subjective...) tone and more sustain.
it will cause trouble with pinch harmonics if you want to use them, they are much easier with thicker strings, plus a lot of speed players(if we're talking metal) tune down to drop c, or lower, and with lighter strings they will be too loose, so heavier strings would be good

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