I was reading some advice that GNR solos are good to learn for a beginner getting into lead guitar/improv. Slash uses minor pentatonics effectively a lot supposedly, so I was wondering which GNR solos you guys can recommend that aren't too hard. I'm up for a challenge so intermediate level solos by them are welcome too.
welcome to the jungle doesnt seem too hard. i havent tried it though
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November rain...I dont think your going to learn welcome to the jungle as a begginerish player

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Start with November Rain and or Knocking on heavens door. (As stated above)
Once perfected, move on to welcome to the jungle.
Once that is perfected... maybe sweet child O' mine.( But I would recommend a non-GNR solo that is somewhat intermidiate before moving to sweet child o mine.)
Quote by Aidan93
i loved learning knockin on heavens door

it was fun

definatly...the first solo of this song is perfect for begginers
Yeah november rain is awesome...good bending practice for you too
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