For sale: One of James' handmade guitar kits from Frankenstraat.com. Kit all ready to be painted and put together. If you like Eddie's axe in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX9XAPpmH8M then this is the kit for you. You can see that this is routed out exactly as Ed's is in that video, though you can put a full sized pickguard on it if you want it to look more "normal". You can slap it together and paint it up like he did or do your own thing; that's one of the cool things about building your own guitar. I've built a few before but I ordered this over the summer with the intent of putting it together over spring break but had to work instead. Now I need the money more than anything for tuition so I need to sell it. It has never been assembled, and has been stored well. Therefore no wear on the frets and no holes in the neck heel. This kit is of very nice quality; you can really see how much time went into making this by hand. All of the contours are smooth, and the neck fits the body like a glove. It has been well stored in the original box it was shipped in, and kept in my room to protect it from temperature/humidity shifts.

A big advantage here is that you don't have to wait 8 weeks to get your kit. I remember how antsy I was while waiting for the kit to be made and shipped so I'm sensitive to this and will ship the same day that payment is received so that you can go ahead and get started.

I'm charging $400 with shipping included as that's what I paid for it. This can be paid through Paypal. There are several photos that can be viewed at this link: http://s284.photobucket.com/albums/ll12/eddiefan78/
Overall I'm happy with the way the pictures came out but some of the colors are a little off. I'm willing to take more pictures if need be so feel free to contact me and let me know what other pictures you want.
Email me at priestfan75@hotmail.com ; I respond quickly to emails and am happy to answer any questions you might have.

There's a wealth of information on James' own forums to aid you in putting this together, as well as forums all over the internet. Go to www.frankenstraat.com and sign up for his forum.

Here are a few of the details:
-Quality handmade parts

-Duckbeak headstock; routed for Scaller Mini Locking Tuners.

-Nut size 1 5/8"

-Pyramid style frets; these are great because the smaller the contact point of the string to the fret the more exact the intonation can be, plus it seems to make playing legato style easier. I believe these are the frets you find on a Peavey Wolfgang.

-Nice neck, which attaches to the body similiar to Ed's Musicman/Wolfgang guitars. To me feels not too thick not too thin. Probably a little beefier than an Ibanez. Would be great to facilitate lead playing.

-Neck wood/fretboard wood is maple. Note in the picture that there are no holes in the base in of the neck as it has never been used.

-Light satin finish on neck to prevent warping.

-Body wood is poplar. Wood description from Warmoth's website: "This is another standard body wood having been used by many companies over the years. Due to the grey/green color, this wood is used mostly when solid color finishes are to be applied. Its weight generally runs about one half pound more than Alder. Tonally, it is similar to Alder as well. Poplar is a closed grain wood that accepts finish well."

-Routed for a Floyd Rose.

-Routed with a contoured heel to facilitate playing in the higher registers. registers.
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You only have two posts. You're only advertising for Frankenstraat.com because it's the exact same price.
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Hey you're out of line; I am not advertising for him. I bought this a few months ago and need to sell it; that's it. Guitar shipped from New Jersey, which is where that guy (James) lives; I live in Virginia - this can be proven. If my ad looks professional that's because I spent over an hour on it making it look that way. There's a always an issue of trust when you deal with a stranger and I didn't want the ad looking sloppy. I accept payment through paypal and if someone doesn't ship your item then paypal takes the money back anyway. I am not a scammer.

It is not the exact price from his site, he's charging $400 plus shipping; his prices have gone up since I ordered mine. I'm charging $400 including shipping. I even stated that in my post. Not trying to turn a profit on it - I just need my money back.
I posted this on harmonycentral.com at the same time that I posted it here. I signed up for this site about 2 weeks ago as I was checking out Kerry's (aka call1800ksmyazz) posts about building his 18W plexi as I'm ordering one from Nik at ceriatone.
I assume you think I'm the guy who runs that site, and while I've seen some negative things said about the way he runs his business, the quality of his work has never been called into question. In fact it took much longer to get the kit then he said it would and getting him to answer my emails was sometimes frustrating, but there is nothing dishonest about my initial post.
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wait, so it's $400 for a blank body and neck?

are they made out of sex or something? that dude from frankenstrat is crazy. i read all your specs but you can get cheaper elsewhere.
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Cheaper kits can definitely be had, but won't be as nice. The quality of wood is very important when you buy a guitar, and you have to know that you get what you pay for. His prices are higher because he makes them by hand, as opposed to using a CNC machine, which is controlled by a computer, that essentially makes the guitar for you. Necks that are built by hand have a nice worn in feel despite the fact that they're brand new. I've also bought from Warmoth, which is a nice company (that use CNCs), but that kit wasn't as nice as this one, though it was more expensive; also had to wait 5 weeks for that one. No wait time when you buy this.

When you have nice wood and add those specs up with any vendor you aren't going to get but so much lower; maybe save $50, but to me it's worth the extra amount, especially if you play alot. Those options like the contoured heel, rounded neck edges, special frets increases the price pretty quickly. Hell, Warmoth charges $30 just to put the tummy cut/forearm cuts on the body, and $75 to put a finish on the neck to keep it from warping so your base price with them raises pretty quickly. There are other cheaper vendors but past a point your tone will suffer and you'll find yourself wishing you had spent just a little more to get what you really wanted. Not trying to preach here but these are things that I've learned through my own experiences.

Also keep in mind insured shipping is nearly $20 for a package this size and weight, which is included. The actual value of the kit is closer to $375. It really isn't a bad deal when you break it down and look at your options.
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the wood does look nice, i would imagine it is probably a fair deal, although since it is 400 straight from the guy i wouldn't see why they wouldn't just buy it directly from him.
Quote by RedMoonMan
the wood does look nice, i would imagine it is probably a fair deal, although since it is 400 straight from the guy i wouldn't see why they wouldn't just buy it directly from him.

Like I said, James is talented when it comes to building guitars, but is less inclined towards dealing with people, and can be frustrating to deal with (i.e. doesn't always answer emails). Also, when I first contacted him about building my parts he told me 3 to 4 weeks, and it ended up taking 8 weeks. His site now indicates a lead time of 4 to 6 weeks and his forum has grown quite a bit so it may end up taking longer. Basically, if you order from him, you're probably looking at waiting at least 8 weeks.
The price on his site is not including shipping, which he will do through UPS and will charge $27.
I will ship through USPS and insure the package, which requires a signature upon delivery. Doing it this way cuts down on the price. I've had nothing but postive experiences with USPS, whereas sometimes you'll see posts around the internet of UPS "beating up" on their packages.
Buying it this way spares you any frustration from dealing with him; some people have nothing but good things to say about him, others, such as myself, found dealing with him a bit frustrating. He's not a bad guy, just extremely busy and as I understand responsible for filling all of his orders on his own.
Buying through me means you will not have to wait 8 weeks to get your guitar. I will ship it as soon as payment is received and will send you the tracking number. Since it's through Paypal there are no trust issues.
This way it's cheaper, faster, and with no hang ups or frustration. Just you getting quality parts that you paid for in very reasonable time frame.
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Central Virginia; feel free to PM me if you want something more specific.
Also, it's no problem to take some more pictures if you want some different angles or closeups.
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are you willing to just sell the body?

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We can talk about it; I'll send you a PM.
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