so you can use a speaker as a microphone?
does anyone have step to step guides on doing this. for hifi speakers? yes i know it wont have the best sound.

my first guess is to get the black and red coloured cords and put them in the second and third hole of the female end of a mic cord. and then plug the male end into a pa or whatever. will this work?

if this is in the wrong section sorry just tell me
Ive never done it but I've heard6 - 8 inch speakers make great woofers for an acoustic bass drum. Other than that I'm sure they don't sound all that great and it would be best to use a standard mic. I'm sure a cheap Behringer would sound better than a large speaker.
yea i dont really care about sound quality
i just wanted to try something different as im so bored
does anyone know how to do it?
Ya I made a woofer-mic out of a speaker I picked up @ value village for a couple of bucks. It's only a 4" woofer so it doesn't pick up the bass frequencies I was hoping for but it worked regardless. Pretty much all you need to do is wire an XLR cable the same way it would be wired if it were to still act as a speaker. Positive still connects to positive, negative to negative.

Now for the most important part. These "mics" run super hot. You will need to build an attenuator. I tried finding the site I used but can't anymore, but I did find the 2 threads I referenced

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If you have a single-speaker guitar or bass cab laying around, you could just use that without any modifications. I haven't used that method on a "real" recording, but I could pick up my bass amp pretty well using a 1x12 guitar cab in front of it when I tried it out. Just plug a cable from the jack on the cab into a 1/4" input on your mixer/interface.
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