First of all, I'm not looking for sympathy or anything like that, I just feel like i need to vent. Well, I've been playing a little over 4 months now. I love guitar and I am without a doubt not going to quit. But, the past few days, i just haven't felt like im getting anywhere, like im not making any progress. It seems like im wandering aimlessly in my practice, like its not gonna get me anywhere. I'm trying my best to learn theory so I can understand how music works but its just too much. Im taking a theory class at the end of april, so i hope i'll be able to understand since i'll have someone explaining it to me in person. I just feel like im never gonna get to where i wanna be with guitar. I want to get to where I can hear a chord progression and just freaking improvise a jam over it. I'm working on my chord changes, and scales, major scale mostly. I've been working on improvising but i am crap at it. It's like my head wants to play something but I can't transfer it to the guitar. I haven't spent much time trying to memorize the notes on the neck but im planning on it. I've been playing around with a song or two. I learned the solo to Boston's more than a feeling but I still play it slow and it's not nearly perfect. I know i'm not gonna quit playing but I guess this is just one of those places that guitarists come to every once in a while. I just hope I can get through it. Again, I'm not looking for sympathy, i just needed a place to vent. I figured that this would be the best place, among fellow guitarists. Rant: off
just give it time man. i think theres times like we all feel like the worst guitar player to ever walk the earth. i wouldn't suggest learning theory just yet and just learn the fundamentals of it. keep with it and you'll be fine
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On a serious note (excuse the pun), Do you have a teacher? if you don't, get one. Teachers are very helpful, since not only can they teach you new things, but they can help you figure out what you're doing wrong, and help you improve on that.
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4 months is not a long time to be playing. Don't stress out over your improvement at this point. Sometimes it's slow going. If you hang in there you will get better. When you practice try to do it in a structured way. Taking lessons at this point would be a good idea. But if you don't want to do that at least try to work on specific things instead of just noodling around. Nothing wrong with doing that as long as you do the boring work as well. Also playing along with songs helped me a lot when I was starting out. Try to figure them out by ear and don't worry if you can't figure them out 100% perfectly. It's better to try and develop your ear than to get Dependant on tabs for everything.
i think many guitarists will agree. there are plateaus in your skill. you will have a learning spurt and will learn a bunch at once, then your learning will level off for a bit. you wont feel like your getting anywhere for a little bit. eventually youll climb another hill and your skill kinda goes through a little boost and you really feel yourself getting better. then it kind of levels off again for a bit. this seems to repeat over and over again.
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use the speed trainer and work on stuff your level.

GET 'Blues You Can Use', too.

your trying way too hard to try and study guitar theory / other areas (which isn't bad when done moderately)

my advice is to pick 3 or 4 songs you fkng love and learn how to play them. once you can play them, THEN go learn theory/chords/scales. i've been playing only 2 months longer than you, but i've done what i just said and i feel like my guitar skills have progressed extremely well (without lessons)

good luck man.
i say just try to learn some beginner songs until you can play it so that its full speed and not messy, just like the recording. if the solo is too hard try learning everything else before attempting the solo...hope that helped =)
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Take a break. Theres always frustration when learning something new. Happens to me too as I recently started guitar.

Just think back to when you first picked up a guitar till now and you will see that you have made good progress. 4 months from now YOU WILL be better as long as you continue to practice. Just dont be so hard on yourself or the guitar.... LOL

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A few days without progress!? I envy. Really. Once you've been playing longer, it can take longer than you've been playing now (Yeah, more than 4 months) to get one of those little "clicks" where you get better. Just take a break.
That's competely normal.Don't stress over it.
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4 months is nothing to be honest, you're still in stone cold beginner territory. To get to the point where you want to be takes years, and with that timeframe you're not going to see yourself getting any closer to it if you assess yourself on a day-to-day basis.
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I've been playing for around 4 months also. At this point the only music theory I've gotten into are some scales for soloing (which I completely suck at as far as improv goes) and the notes on the neck (easy if you remember B/C and E/F are always together).

The hardest song I'm working on learning right now is the Hotel California intro, which isn't really that tough. I can relate to how you feel though, a lot of times it seems like I'm getting nowhere. But then I just go back and play something that I've been playing for a while - like Over The Hills And Far Away - and the improvement shows. Go back and play something that you used to find harder and maybe weren't that great at, you'll be surprised how much better you are.
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