I'm very new to playing the guitar but I'd like to practice on some easy songs that I enjoy. Mostly I've been working on my chords but I'd like to change it up. So the next time a person asks me to "play" something I don't just sit there playing E, A and D chords.

The question I have is about the Dave Matthews "Space Between" Tab.

It looks just like a standard E chord but with a "4th fret e". I don't see how I'm supposed to reach that fret. I can't even seem to get it with my thumb so I'm lost on how to reach it. How am I supposed to reach that?

Side Question:
I've seen all the threads about "Easy Songs" with things like Black Hole Sun and everything but I'd much rather learn an easy song of someone I like. So I was hoping I could be pointed towards an easy song (if they exist) of Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson or John Mayer maybe.

Thanks in advance
Daughters by John Mayer maybe. He doesn't have many/any easy songs.

For that DMB song, you would use your pinky. You'll get used to stretching. But... that's an awful tab for this song. This one is better:
You do not need that added g# note that you're having a hard time with.
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Thank you Link.JohnIrving
I'll give that new Space Between tab a try and check out that John Mayer song.
That sure is one heck of a pinky stretch. Guess I should work on some finger flexibility for the future.
To go along with what the previous poster said, Mayer's songs aren't all that easy (at least IMO). If the chord progressions are easy he often throws in some sort of strumming patter/technique that can be hard to get down. That being said, try "not myself". The basic rhythm is pretty simple. For Jack Johnson, try times like these...super easy!...to the point that it gets repetitive. If you want help with JM, go to youtube and look up the name of the song followed by "tutorial". There are quite a few out there that do a good job of explaining how to play the songs.
if you're looking for good dave matthews tabs use dmbtabs.com i've been there a wihle... its a great site
I'll definitely be using the YouTube "(song) tutorial" idea as well as check out some of those songs your recommended ccrnnr9.
And I wasn't even aware of that Dave Matthews website kllawre210 so I'll be checking that out right away.

Again, I'm very new to the guitar but continuous chord practice becomes boring so easy songs sounded like a new fun way of learning.

Thanks again guys.
I second the "_____ tutorial" or "____ lesson" idea. I've learned 4 pretty complex songs this month alone via YouTube lessons: Tears In Heaven, Stairway to Heaven(intro), Fade To Black, and Dead or Alive(Bon Jovi).

And concerning that pinky stretch... yeah, that is one hell of a stretch. I've never actually seen it in a tab before. Too much work for a note that wouldn't really add anything special to the song.
I'm not a fan of facts. You see, the facts can change, but my opinion will never change, no matter what the facts are. - Stephen Colbert