So for the recent battle of the bands at my school I have a couple of options.

1. Play Cannon in D with about six other guitarist and two drummers. ( Not sure how it would work)

2. Convince my friend the lazy guitarist to work with me to make a song since doing a cover is not an option for him.

3. Go by myself and do a one man thing. Maybe Jeff Buckley's rendition of hallelujah. Sure maybe not the most original song but it's the only Jeff Buckley cover song that I can sing well.

If you choose option 3 are there any one guitar one voice songs that are amazing in order for me to stand a chance?
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You could try 2...but songs you force out tend to sound like crap....or go with tree
You could do the whole singer/songwriter thing, but I guess that requires enough musicianship to write songs, which you evidentially don't have.
D00d, I know a guy that was going to be in my band (until the drummer quit...) who's doing your exact no. 3 for our BotB.
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misirlou would be a nice guitar solo song, or some michal angelo batio, or satrani, or vai, any of there stuff might work
one would sound pretty badass id think, but 3 might be good also
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well I don't think I'm the best songwriter in the world but I can write a song.

------> myspace.com/altruisticmusic

So I guess your suggesting I do an original. Maybe you just worded it rudely but people have liked my originals. It's just I adore Buckley as a musician and thought people would like that song.

and if any of my originals which should I do?
Smile alot today... okay?
You could do a solo version of Tangled Up In Blue by Dylan. That'd be pretty great.
Prerecorded backing track? You'd look like a royal loser with no friends, but hey. Or you could just do the singer-songwriter solo thing.
If by yourself, I give you this important advice: Backing Tracks.

They make things sound a lot better. I have access to quite a few Buckethead and a few Dethklok ones, but I'm not really sure what you're into.
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I'm doing the acoustic thing. like i said i could do the 6 guitar thing 2 drummer thing so that's alot of stage friends but not as much musicianship.
Smile alot today... okay?