if someone were to say someone was 'chopped' what do they mean by that?
ex. - 'i bet those guys are chopped as fu-ck.'
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here's what you do
1. Take a fork, preferably metal.
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Well, over here, "chopping" generally refers to dealing drugs.

For example:
James is chopping. - James is dealing/selling drugs

"Yo, can you chop me 2 Gs?" - Asking if he can deal him 2 grams.
According to urbandictionary.com:

A repetitive sound/word in a rap song, common among southern rap, often added with "Screw" and it makes for a unique variety of music.

Also . . .

Being high as a Kite

Or . . .

Being intoxicated. The result of your mind state after you smoke weed.
1.Choppin means smoking 2.Chop means going to smoke