A friend of mine has been looking for a link to Ys: Complete in one complete part direct/torrent is fine please. (http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/ys/ys.htm). P.S. Matt Barlow is a badass P.P.S. Prepatched with english is better
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I already searched a lot for torrents, but they seem to be out of the question since after my harddrive messed up from using a torrent, I'm pretty uneasy about the whole thing... Anyways I'm his friend, and my internet was down... direct is fine too...

I just need a working single link, preferable MEGAUPLOAD. also preferably ISO, but I don't give a sh!t... YEAH
Thanks for all the contributors (and there better be! )
I was gonna post my last.fm but I figured I would get slammed for listening to the wrong shit
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These are the best you'll find imo.
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