(no this does not belong in the drug thread) sorry if posted twice

i searched and didn't find anything. this is that computer, keyboard, optics spray cleaner.

dichlorodifluoromethane...as pickup cleaner?

this may be a dumb question but can i use this safely to spray down my guitar - especially the pups yo?

i have a lot of white dust on everything which is a result of me playing (sometimes shredding) with no pick - which is the way i prefer

thoughts? oh, and it would be while i'm changing strings and doin the lemon oil gig on fretboard....tnx
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good question acdcrocks....let me look

nope - 100% dichlorodif dat dat dat
non flam non toxic

good for micoscopes, lenses, film and drives etc

glad i askd huh?

no go? how do you like your crate?...i've been looking at those

The Palomino is pretty awesome. I love it in fact. I bought it used for $230 and it is a MIA version so I haven't had any problems. The stock tubes are OK but I think I am getting some new ones soon.

And I'm sure the spray is fine as long as it is a gas and not liquid.
tnx on the spray answer - i'll give it a try....i figure it is better than trying to wipe the pups off but i'm just over thinking things. is your V16 the one that is discontinued and in close-out sale mode? I guess you said it was used so i'll shut up on that.

you've been a big help acdc rocks! would you mind commenting on the SH4 or 5 some more? from i've gathered i need something w/medium output. have you heard anything on the new SH-15 alt 8? Is that going to be way to much for me or is there a good balance on that thing (not sure if shipping yet). ...and will it even make a difference with my gear setup (in sig, and my likings are in my username

tnx again acdcrocks...you rock!
I think something like the SH-5 would be fine, but I am somehow not attracted to the fact that it has a ceramic magnet. Something like the SH14 Custom 5 would be better IMO. It has an AlNico V magnet and is wound a tiny bit hotter than the SH-5. Seems perfect.