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I had never heard of him before today but he's got some great stuff. According to the program I heard about him he was the father of the guitar solo but never got much recognition.

Also I did do a search and nothing came up so this seemed to be the best place to talk about him. Anyone else know much about him?
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Yes, he was pretty much a virtuoso in his time. He was an influence on everyone from Robert Johnson to BB King, aswell as Django Reinhardt, apparently. He played Guitar, Banjo and Violin.
I believe he was born in New Orleans. In 1925, having spent many years in Europe during WWI, he won a talent contest and got a recording contrac with Okeh Records, and subsequently moved to Chicago.
I think he recorded a hell of a lot, though I could be wrong, I think Okeh put out a record with Lonnie Johnson on it every two weeks or so (under his own name and as an accompanist).
Yeah I was right about his recording, he cut over 200 sides between 1925 and 1932.
Then he kinda dispapeard for a while, and signed for Bluebird Records, who put out a loada a RnB records.
He was rediscovered in the blues revival when he was working as a Janitor in Philadelphia. Then after that his work went Jazzy and I got bored of him to be honest. I think he was in a car crash, and then died soon after it from injuries.