No tone knob. I wouldn't got for it, but if you think you can EQ it well, go for it, I guess. As with any bass, try it out.

Don't know about the second two.
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eh, i wouldnt. like pink muse said, no tone knob. and i dont find its looks very good. but if its what youre into go ahead. try it out first though.
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dont go with squier signature models
try the p bass special
or the the squier VM j or p basses
IMO VM series are better than fender MIM but the again.. IMO
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Save up. I would get at least a MIM Fender.

The bass forums hates a few things. Mainly:

Behringer Amps
Big Muff's
I would say the bass you have now is better than the Frank Bello Jazz, so no, it's not a good choice.

I would also recommend saving up for something like an MIM Fender.
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Don't get a Muff. I borrowed my guitar player's one, and though the loss of low end wasn't as bad as people claim, it just didn't sound good. There was SOME low end loss obviously, and the fact that it just doesn't sound good nails the coffin shut for this one on bass.
Not sure what the Morley Power Wah is like, but I have a bass wah and it's pretty good, probably not the most useful pedal in the world but it's fun to mess about with, especially with overdrive and delay
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