hey all. i just replaced the bridge pickup in my epi lp with a SKY JB sytle PAF pickup, and im looking to replace the neck as well. i play alot of styles, so would liek quite a versitle combination of pickups. I was thinkin of maybe a humbucker size P90 for in the neck.what sort of music would this be suitable for? i play rythem guitar for two bands, a punk rock band, and also a more or a rock band. or should i just got with a simple PAF style neck humbucker?

P90's are bright and loud and suitable for blues, punk, and some types of rock and alternative. Humbucker size P90's are brighter than real P90's. They are still good for blues and punk and they do still work for rock and alternative but they don't work as well as real P90's for rock and alternative.

If you want to play a lot of types of music then you can't go wrong with a PAF. Because it sounds like you want to get some single coil type tones from the neck as well you might also want to look at pickups that use 12 alnico slugs rather than 1 alnico bar. Pickups like the Seymour duncan stag mag do this. The purpose is to give you more of a single coil tone when you use a coil split switch, it works very well but still doesn't sound like a real single. Another good option would be my 2Face which is real single coil pickups mounted and wired together so you actually do get real single coil tone.

Perhaps the best option for you would be to get Seymour duncans new p90/humbucker/strat blade pickup combo. The p90 and strat pickups are both a bit brighter than normal and in humbucker mode the pickup has more grit and midrange grind than a normal PAF so it's tone isn't 100% true to any type of pickup but you still get 3 good pickups in 1 little box.
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