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Digitech gsp1101
1 7%
Line 6 pod xt
7 50%
Something completely different
6 43%
Voters: 14.
i am looking at buying a new preamp for guitar and ive been lookking at a digitech gsp1101 and a line 6 pod xt which would be better to buy if neither then could you tell me which one is better. thx
Budget?......if you have a bigger budget, I would go for that ENGL preamp...but thats just me.
Engl E530 is an awesome bit of kit, bit of a one trick pony but it does its trick very well. Nice clean channel, a bit dark sounding however. Gain channel is where its at though, goes from crunch to insane over the top gain and everywhere in between. The best cleans come from the lead channel in low gain mode by using the volume control on the guitar to tame the beast.

I cant speak for the digitech preamp but seeing as i own the pod xt and Engl i can tell you that the XT sounds blatently digital in comparison to the engl, but in the versitility stakes the pod tramples the engle with all its models cabs mics and effects.

Have e a look for used ADA MP1 preamps as they are godly and cheap now. then get a TC G major and you will have a relativly cheap but super high quality setup.
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The Digitech uses newer tech and has true bypass.

Goto Digitech.com and check out the samples.
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Instead of buying a preamp to make your amp sound decent, why not sell your amp and get something better?
My first thing I'd worry about is the amp first. You're not going to get a great sound out of the best preamp/effects pedal running it through a cheap crate and the worst cab marshall makes.
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my only problem is my od on my pocket pod is overdone and so are lots of things on the channels. the channels arent even the same volume. it takes forever to do the volume adjustment. i get amps and things for christ mas and ive been looking at the avt cab by marshall and the hughes and kettner matrix 100.