okay, so i have an ibanez AF75 hollowbody. but i would like to make it more jazzy then it already is, because, to be honest, it doesnt really feel jazzy at all, and im working on an amp so dont ask about that. im going to buy mega heavy rotosounds, but what does ug have to say about extra jazzy pickups? both humbuckers, of course. passive too. thanks in advance.
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Are those stew macs for the pair?

Has any one else used them? I might get a pair.

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Those are just run of the mill Seymour duncan pickups with a very cool flamed maple cover on them. They are good but far from the best.

The best "jazzy" pickups depends on what jazz sound you are after. That hollow sound from old school jazz needs low output pickups with heavy formvar wire. For that more substantial sound that was used mainly for delta blues but also used in the Jazz music of the time, you will want a PAF style pickup with PE wire and a nickel cover.

For the smooth jazz tone you hear today you want a pickup that uses poly wire. There are actually 2 main flavors of smooth jazz guitar tone. 1 is just a paf that uses poly wire. The other is a much higher output pickup that is more midheavy and compressed. The benedetto pickups are basically the ideal for smooth jazz but if you match up the DC resistance on those pickups with other Seymour duncan pickups you can get the same tone for half the price.
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they arent stewmac pups, stewmac just sells them

thats like saying duncans or dimarzios are musicians friend brand, because MF sells them
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Aint Bendetto owned by Seymour Duncan?

I am not sure, but I am quite sure these ARE the pickups for jazz guitar, them and the original Gibsons.
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Aint Bendetto owned by Seymour Duncan?

They are made by Seymour Duncan but the brand is owned by fender.
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