Poll: What is your preferred music medium?
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View poll results: What is your preferred music medium?
17 33%
17 33%
MP3/Digital formats
39 75%
Cassette Tape
4 8%
Other (specify!)
1 2%
Voters: 52.
Yeah...pretty simple...

Do you prefer listening to CDs, Vinyl, Tapes, or Mp3s, and why?

I've recently gotten majorly into vinyl - the sound reproduction (with a decent system) is far superior to anything I've ever heard before - listening to some of the albums I have makes me think they were recorded to be played primarily on vinyl.

Poll will be up in a second.
I like the sound of vinyl the best, but as far as convenience goes, .mp3s
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I love vinyl.
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Typically, I buy the cd then rip it onto my computer because it's more conveient to have my whole library stored digitally. I still get alot of joy from blasting cds from my car though.
I prefer vinyl for "serious" listening at home for Rock stuff at least. Classical still sounds best on CD. MP3's are hugely convenient obviously, so that's what I listen to the most.
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i like having cds but i listen digitally for now, but when i get my license its all cds in my car
and all screaming(well mostly)
maybe i'll blast so metal like all those ass holes blasting their rap at ridiculously high decibels
thatll freak someone out an an intersection(cannibal corpse lol)
even though i dont listen to death metal.
I think Vinyl > CD, but I can rarely find a vinyl here, so I have to settle for CD's. I voted Vinyl, because I like that better.
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i use digital mostly.

casettes are neat though
I like music played on head phones going through a trash can for some echo.
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mp3s I have no money, they are by far most convienient and my ear isn't good enough to tell the differance between a good mp3 and a CD or vinyl version.

Can't really carry around a vinyl record everywhere, can you?
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You need DVD Audio. nothing better. just hard to find anything worth listining to on DVD.
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I prefer Vinyl, but mostly listen to CD's because they are easier to find and buy. And in the car I listen to cassettes, because I don't have a CD-player in the car.
Vinyls are cool! CDs are cool! MP3- music on the go, yay! Cassettes = stuff from my fourtrack! Yay! Yay!

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