im thinking of getting a prs se single cut.. it seems like the perfect second guitar and maybe the best in its price range (~$600). Ive read a lot of review and they all seem good, but i wanted to check here to see if anyone had some personal experiences to share
thanks bros
prs SE guitars blow ass, ive played a few, had to work on 2, they were pretty bent outa shape, and they were brand new. figner board radius wasnt perfect, frets werent perfect. nothing id expect from a brand new guitar, much less PRS.
I owned a Santana SE that was pretty nice. I checked out the Single cut SE and liked it, but it isn't a $600 guitar, IMO. you really are paying a lot for the name. the tuners aren't great, the pups are only passable, and apparently they don't have a very good quality control system in place.

I recommend you play whichever one before you bought, opposed to ordering it. so you can get the feel before you lay down you cash.
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The PRS SE's seem to get compared to the similarly- priced Gibsons a lot. They've got decent specs, but the quality can often be quite shoddy, especially for the price.

The consensus seems to be that you're better off getting a midrange to higher- end model from another company than a ****ty PRS or Gibson.