I'm not sure which intro to use for this song. I like the first one more, but I'm not sure how to incorporate the tempo chance if I use that one. Either way, the main riff is the same, I just can't decide how to enter it.

The first starts off as a punchy-weird sounding type chord (think Queens Of The Stone Age - Sick, Sick, Sick), which builds up a little, then heads into the main riff. There is a tempo change between the intro and the riff.

The second is just the main riff basically just played on the low E (tuned to D) string, palm muted, and the bass/drums just accentuate ever 4 beats... Not complicated.

It's all in one file. There are 8 beats of rests between the two different ideas.

But which do you guys think sounds better? If the first one, could you suggest a good/better way to incorporate the tempo change?

Thanks in advance.