Some dude called me around 3:40 this morning, but I saw it coming so I just started breathing heavily. Little bastard didn't have a clue what to do!
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I learned that there are easy ways to waste your life away when all you have is a computer and a world full of people putting new and interesting things on their boners.

Wow, I've been here for a while.
whats with all the prank call threads?!?!

edit: wait...
didnt he make one exactley like this already
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i just ****en laughed sooooo hard

you my good man, are a ****ing legend! your thread is getting sigged cause i laughed so much!
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Aids meme = Fail

ROFLcopter down...
666 BRO
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Aids meme = Fail

ROFLcopter down...

Eat me
What's with all the pointless threads lately?
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'Bring me the still-beating heart of a newborn child, and the world's rivers shall run red with the blood of the innocent.'

<\/> Fleshgod Apocalypse <\/>
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^ Perhaps later...

Only if you have the ability to become a hot chick
okay, I see what you did thre.
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Vagina's tend to be not all that great looking most of the time. It's all... flappy. Looks sloppy.

I'd have to say guy junk wins but not by much. It's like winning a beauty contest against Steve Buscemi.
there was one exactly like this, but
from the perspective of the prank caller.

get over it.
your not funny.

your a waste of bandwith.
Your light bulb knows everything you do in your room.
um, i think you missed the fact that there was a guy that said someone prank called him, then a guy made a thread about prank calling someone, and then you made a thread about how someone prank called you.

see how you failed?

good job.
Can you stop making these threads, everybody?
The first 2 times were funny, now it's getting lame. K?